Friday, February 19, 2010

Ankle pulse

Today I was sitting on the couch with my legs crossed and I could literally see my ankle pulsating. I put my fingers on the pulse and it was so clear it was freaky.

How did I never notice this before?
Not enough time spent staring at my ankles?

I think most people know how to find the traditional neck (carotid artery) and/or wrist (radial artery) pulse site/s, but my "friend" Wikipedia tells me that any place that allows for an artery to be compressed against a bone will do.

I think the tibial pulse (inside of the ankle, below the bone that sticks out) and the temporal pulse (on the temple directly in front of the ear) weird me out most, though it's hard to say why.

PS. I think I have actually seen doctors/physiotherapists TAKE my tibial pulse and just not thought about what they were doing.

PPS. I don't like blood. Maybe that's why I'm disturbed by pulse sites (some more than others).

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  1. yeap i knew it when i was very young like 4 years old. Just for general knowledge why don't post a video clip of your ankle pulse?